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Execution of C program
  • Creating & Editing C program
  • Saving C program
  • Compiling C program
  • Linking C program
  • Loading C program
  • Executing C program

Creating & Editing C program

The first step is to create and edit the source program in C. The C program is usually and edited in Turbo C editor.

Saving C program

After writing or editing the source program, it is saved on the disk as text file with an extension ".c".

Compiling C program

In this step, the source program is compiled. The source program is converted into machine code. The C compiler is used to translate  the C program source code into the machine code.

Linking C program

In this step, the Linker links object file produced by the compiler to many other library files. After linking the object code  to the libraries, an executable file with extension EXE is created.

Loading C program

In this step the loader loads the executable file from disk into memory for execution. The program must be loaded into memory for execution.

Executing C program

In this step, the program is executed on the computer. The CPU fetches instructions of program from memory one by one and takes action on them.

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